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Rodent Control Services: Rats are causing damage to food stuffs. They also cause damage to wires, doors, corners and wall materials. They grow eating all types of items like copper, lead as well as plastic and wood. They causes numerous disease to human being like murine typhus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis and rat bite fever.

Healthier Person Is Happier Person

Zippco is trying to ensure that no bacteria, no spores, no fungi, no viruses around you. Zippco professionals are very knowledgable and expert in making your surroundings free of micro-organisms. We are working to fulfill our customer needs, who desire to control the environmental microbes. Zippco provides a hygienic and clean environment for their activities.

We work a lot with household, medical, healthcare, law enforcement, defense, food production, pharmaceutical, and farming organizations.We have extensive experience with a wide variety of scenarios and have set protocols to tackle any challenge faced by our clients.

Whether you need a regular contract service or rapid response disinfection and sterilization team, we can create an involvement befitting your needs. Get in touch today with Zippco if you are looking for a professional service to deliver a comprehensive, professional solution.

Authentic and proven methodology

Zippco professionals always use the most proven and authentic methods to safeguard the lives of the most important assets of the universe. Zippco is a well-known cleaning company. Cleaning is essential before Disinfection and Sterilization. We use detergents that physically remove contaminants like soil, dust, and also organic matter like blood and feces. After the cleaning process, we use detergents in the sterilization process that physically removes dust, soil, micro-organisms like spores, etc. Zippco pros use steam for the sterilization process using advanced machines. Our teams are highly skilled in their practice and ensure a safe environment for all.


Zippco presents perfect Disinfection and sterilization services by offering high-quality services at considerable prices. Zippco services start at AED 150. We charge on an hourly basis. Avail our services in UAE at costs beginning with a suitable price and time also. Get a free statement immediately and book with the best Disinfection and Sterilization service at Zippco. You can speak with a professional adviser, both over the phone and online. Choose the one that is most appropriate for you. Bear in mind, the quote you receive during this chat is going to be preliminary. Want more details, contact us. We are available 24/7.

Why Choose Us?

  • We assure you to provide an environment that is decontaminated within minutes, enabling the power to return to normal much before with other sorts of testing.
  • We do our work by reducing the presence of microbes and cleaning strategically to make sure every part of the Environment is clean. Sterilization kills all sorts of bacterial life, including spore forms, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So we make sure that Environment is sterilized effectively.
  • Our teams are well trained and accredited to affect biohazards. We respond quickly to any situation and sterilize strategically and efficiently. This connectivity is not appropriate for cleaning companies, and take specialist knowledge and knowledge to work safely and healthily, and to mitigate the danger of harm to our staff.
  • We work with a variety of various medical organizations within the control of different diseases. We are specialists in decontaminating areas infected by Bugs and controlling environments where theres a significant risk of widespread outbreaks occurring.
  • We work with management teams responsible for hygiene in commercial, industrial, and hospital settings. By providing them with our expert knowledge to make sure stringent processes are followed within the decontamination process, and appropriate SOPs are implemented for hygiene management.

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