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Rodent Control Services: Rats are causing damage to food stuffs. They also cause damage to wires, doors, corners and wall materials. They grow eating all types of items like copper, lead as well as plastic and wood. They causes numerous disease to human being like murine typhus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis and rat bite fever.

ZIPPCO.AE offering more than 30 classic services in UAE. Zippco is making progress by providing extraordinary services, in terms of quality, reliability, and satisfaction. Zippco is providing solutions that are easier and safer to apply. Zippco trains its staff to such a high standard that every individual is experts in his field. Zippco officials always remain on the back of every project after completion of feedback.

Zippco is offering 50% off on its services of cleaning, maintenance, and pest control for the first service you acquire. What does it mean? It means that whenever you approach Zippco for these services for the First Time, then you will get a discount of 50%. Zippco is trying to Create an exceptional top-notch customer experience with its clients. That is why clients come back again and again. Success lies in the words of mouth of happy clients. We desire that our clients get a Greater experience when they hire us to serve them. We are providing professional standards and high-end services to our clients, fast, efficient cleaning with reduced operational costs.

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We apply solutions / detergents that are safe and easy to use and have no harm to the environment. These cleaning agents are highly effective in killing bacteria and clean surfaces and are safer to use. Bacteria, viruses, and many insect-like pests are too small. When applying a chemical to a surface to kill all these germs, it is necessary to have the best coverage possible over the entire area, so the chemical is in contact with whatever is on the surface area. Zippco professionals always use eco-friendly detergents and surface cleaners by providing services on an hourly basis. We charge AED 150 per hour. If you hire this service for the first time, then 50% is off. This promotion is only for the first time service clients. Zippco has working ethics, very strong, and reliable. We never leave our clients unattended even after the completion of the project because we care about our clients a lot. Our cleaning services are tailored to suit your business requirements and schedule.

Maintenance services promotion

Building maintenance, carpet care maintenance, hard floor care maintenance, It is always good to hire professionals for thorough bond maintenance cleaning. Zippco will spruce up the entire arena. Our professional maintenance janitorial services guarantee you compact professional care for your building appearance from inside and outside. We also provide carpet care maintenance and floor care maintenance. Zippco is offering 50% off on the maintenance services for those clients who are seeking Zippco services for the first time.No project is considered small. Every project is as important as the big projects. We pay attention and care to each project and client separately. We carry out maintenance activities when you are moving in or moving out. Our professionals are the key to creating an exceptional customer experience. Zippco experts are the faces of our company. We continuously strive to provide unmatched cleaning services in Dubai through the Zippco platform.

Pest Control services promotion

Professionally sound staff at Zippco knows the right ways to render their services. They have got expertise in driving out accumulated pest control services to different surfaces. Get rid of fleas, spiders, ants, cockroaches, flies, mice from your home by Zippco Pest Control Services. Zippco Pest Control eradicators treat all areas where the ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, flies can hide to make sure that these issues won't be repeated. Cockroaches are known to spread a minimum of 33 differing types of bacteria, transmit disease, and allergies through feces, as Salmonella and Asthma. Get Pest Control services from experienced technicians from Zippco. We provide reliable and excellent services to residential and commercial properties. Our pest control services cover the outspread of pesky animals and insects, including ants, moths, flies, fleas, spiders, cockroaches, ground beetles, etc. Our bespoken pest treatment plans protect throughout the year to our valued customers. You do not need to worry about the pests of different types because you will get a comprehensive service according to the requirement. Zippco is offering 50% off on pest control service seekers for the first time. These services are of high quality and care. You can rely on Zippco staff because we have reliable, sensible, and committed. Zippco staff is bound to follow the work ethics of the company.

Zippco desire that our quality of services should reach up to the maximum number of people so that they can get benefit in terms of quality and cost. Our mission is to reach every single in a way to choose and not to lose. Our impeccable work will speak out the rest.

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