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Termites Makes Damage

Get Rid of Rodent in UAE


Rodent Control Services: Rats are causing damage to food stuffs. They also cause damage to wires, doors, corners and wall materials. They grow eating all types of items like copper, lead as well as plastic and wood. They causes numerous disease to human being like murine typhus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis and rat bite fever.

Termite Control With Efficiency

Zippco offers the process for this anti-termite treatment is through the application of termiticides, additionally called soil treatment or soil poisoning before or throughout the first construction of a house or buildings. The soil treatment before construction is critical throughout the development stages of the sub-structure up to base level. This procedure is to be done solely by a Termite Control services supplier with full-fledged or knowledgeable hostile Termite Control technicians. Who has worked or with ample data to hold out similar works?

Proper Analysis & Recommendations

Effectiveness of the treatment mostly depends on the proper selection of brands and active ingredients or chemicals, correct preparation of the location or soil, chemical dilution, and right application. The chemicals or emulsions are vital to be distributed equally within the soil. And to the suggested strength on an efficient chemical barrier that is deadly and repellent to termites. The recommendation is 5-7 liters of chemical resolution per square meter counting on the surface treated. Extra caution must be taken throughout the applying of termiticides. Make sure that it does not contaminate water sources for drinking like wells, springs, rivers, lakes, etc.

Post-Construction Termite Management

Zippco carries Post Construction Termite Control, by directly applying the solution to the structure for interference or treatment of existing Termite infestation. Post-Construction Termite management, the foremost ideal is by victimization in odorous resolution for anti-Termite treatment and wood borer Control in homes, offices, and industries. Continuously provoke it, as alternative products have robust fumes that will subside for an extended amount. Termites mutely infect homes and associated things. Beware of the destruction to your valuable assets as a result of the ensuing target can be your home. Must defend your home and family from an unexpected scene of demolition.

A Reliable, Innovative, & Technological Evidenced Torment System

Zippco provides a reliable, innovative, and technological evidenced torment system that will eradicate Termite settlements. Our approach is non-invasive and atmosphere friendly, combining up to date and quick-acting techniques. Zippco termite Control offers an agile and effective solution that will address your placental downside. Well initially examine your house, office for target locations like attics, storage rooms, and garbage areas. Bait and Rodenticides are placed within the target locations. The exterior examination will also be carried out to visualize potential entrances.

Why Choose Us

  • Zippco Termite Control is providing the most effective approach for Termite Control solutions of every kind. Our skilled technicians can discover and reckon the same old locations of Termite and its sort to be ready to use the correct product and also the improved techniques to be utilized in your house or office. This service not solely wipes out a Termite but additionally stops them from coming within the future. Our team members are extensively professionals and work with dedication to satisfying the necessities of our purchasers on time.
  • We are legendary within the market because the leading supplier of Termite Control Services incorporates a high demand within the market. A variety of chemicals and advanced gels applied for the furious demolition of termites in varied residential areas, housing complexes, offices, buildings, and plenty of places. These chemicals are tested to confirm the correct safety and Eco-friendliness of the method.
  • Zippcos trained professionals supervise operations. To create the process efficiently and time-saving, we tend to charge as per the realm coated and a variety of chemicals used. Zippco is well known as a sure service supplier providing high-quality cost-effectiveness. We are available 24/7 to ease your life. Just give us a call and rest we will do to make your mind free of worries.


Zippco offers anti-termite services of high quality at low prices.  We charge on an Per Square Meter and as per the requirement of the job. At Zippco, anti-termite services, book our services in Abu Dhabi at cost beginning from affordable prices. Get a free statement immediately and book with the Best Anti- termite services.

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